Saturday, November 29, 2008

So Much Going On

So, November has been full of craziness for our family. We've been busy with all of the holiday preparations. The house is awaiting the arrival of the rest of our stuff (we have way too much, we've discovered) and the kids have been sick with almost everything. Ear infections, Strep throat, bronchitis and pink eye. I've also had sinus problems.

That all has led to a lack of scrapping for me this month.

Despite all of that, I've discovered a great, new to me scrapping site this month too. Brownie Scraps is my new dive. Of course, going there always makes me hungry for some of the sinful treat.

Ramona, the owner of the site is hostessing a great design opportunity, which I'm participating in. It's an 8 week journey of design challenges. The first challenge was to chose one of three contrasting color palettes and create a kit with it. That was so much fun for me.

The challenge for last week, which is available as a freebie in the store this week only, was to create a kit for children with a palette of your own choice. This is the kit that I created with a palette that Kathryn chose for me:

This is available free through Friday here:

Yes, you do have to register in the Brownie Scraps store, but this isn't the only kit you can get for free this week. There are 10 other free kits available as well.

As far as my poor, neglected blog goes. I have a couple very fun things coming up in December and then starting in January, I plan to follow the example set by DeDe of and try to do a weekly high/low and Friday freebie. I guess we'll see how that goes once the first of January comes around. I'd go ahead and start now, but it is so difficult with the holidays that I'll just wait another month.

Enjoy Dress Up if you are so inclined to snag it for free this week because after it is gone from Brownie Scraps, it will soon make an appearance as a PTU kit at my store in DigitalScrapGarden.

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