Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Why I Scrap

Through the five years that I've been digital scrapbooking I've heard a lot of different reasons why people choose to use this medium. For me, I know that the reason that I do it is many fold.

The first reason that I chose digital scrapbooking is because it is really easy to fix a mistake, whereas with traditional scrapbooking, this really wasn't something that was possible and I was scared to death that I would ruin a picture when I was working on a page.

However, more importantly to me, the reason that I scrapbook is because I want my children to know the who, what, when, where and why of the pictures that I've taken of them over the years. For me, I have to say that most of the pages that I create have a lot of journaling on them. As I think this is one of the most important parts of scrapbooking.

The page that I'm sharing today, however is a rare journal free page from me. It is one of my favorite pictures that I've ever had of Kathryn and the beauty of the picture negates the need for journaling in my opinion.

This is one of my favorite pictures of Kathryn when she was younger.

For my layout I used Bundle Sweet Castle by Pati Araujo.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Summer is just around the corner

Summer is really sneaking up on us quickly this year. It really doesn't seem like there should only be two days of school left in the school year, but that is the case and when school starts back in the fall I'm going to be sending both of my kiddos off to school. Kathryn will be in the fourth grade and Paul is going to be starting kindergarten.

As far as summer plans go, we really don't have any. I would like to be able to take a vacation, but that isn't something that we are going to be able to afford this year. So, instead I hope that we will have the opportunity to make some day trips to different attractions around here.

And then there is the fact that my youngest niece is going to be having her first birthday this year. She was born in July of last year and had to stay in the NICU for about two weeks after she was born because she had jaundice and also some difficulties breathing. However, now she is a happy, healthy and plump ten month old. She has just cut her first two teeth and is crawling really well now. I suspect that she will be walking before we know it.

This is a layout that I've just done with some of her pictures from when she was a month old. She has been a very expressive baby from the start and I afraid that is going to mean problems for mom and dad somewhere down the line.

For this layout I used Bundle Sweet Castle by Pati Araujo

Friday, May 18, 2012

Through Sickness and in Health

As the day gets closer that Tom is going to have to have his six month follow-up PET scan and his follow-up appointment with his oncologist, I am starting to feel a bit of scan anxiety (for those that haven't ever had a loved one go through cancer treatment, that is anxiety that the scan will not be clean.)

In going through that, I've realized that being married is not always what we really think that it is going to be. You think that all of the times in your relationship are going to be as happy as the day that you were married and this is simply not the case at all. In this past year I've seen the entire gamut of emotions in my marriage. There are the times that we are closer than we've ever been and then there are the times that I feel like I just want to give up, but I won't because that isn't what a marriage is. On those days that are the hardest for me, I will work on our wedding album, that I still haven't gotten done, despite the fact that we are only two months away from our 8th anniversary. This creation is one of the pages that will be printed in the final book, whenever I get it done.

A couple of my favorite wedding pictures with some of the lyrics from the song we used for our first dance "From this Moment" by Shania Twain.

For my layout I used The Orient Express by Nini's Notions

Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Crazy Life

This month has been crazy busy for me so far. First of all, it started with a baseball game for Paul and spending time with family. Tom has had a doctors appointment this week and goes in at the end of the month for his six month PET scan (please pray for no light ups).

We are also nearing the end of the school year so that has meant more school activities as well.

Paul lost his first tooth on the 30th of April, making him official five and a half before he lost his first tooth. 

Oh and who can forget iNSD. I was able to get a lot of scrapping done during those events and I had a blast as well. It was one day that I can honestly say that I really spoiled myself.

Today's layout is about my birthday celebration last year at a local Japanese restaurant. One of our family traditions is to let the birthday girl/boy pick what restaurant to eat out at. I love Japanese food so this was my natural choice. Does your family have any interesting birthday traditions? I'd really like to know so leave a comment if you like.

Some pictures from my birthday celebration last year.
 For my layout I used The Orient Express by Nini's Notion.