Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Crazy Life

This month has been crazy busy for me so far. First of all, it started with a baseball game for Paul and spending time with family. Tom has had a doctors appointment this week and goes in at the end of the month for his six month PET scan (please pray for no light ups).

We are also nearing the end of the school year so that has meant more school activities as well.

Paul lost his first tooth on the 30th of April, making him official five and a half before he lost his first tooth. 

Oh and who can forget iNSD. I was able to get a lot of scrapping done during those events and I had a blast as well. It was one day that I can honestly say that I really spoiled myself.

Today's layout is about my birthday celebration last year at a local Japanese restaurant. One of our family traditions is to let the birthday girl/boy pick what restaurant to eat out at. I love Japanese food so this was my natural choice. Does your family have any interesting birthday traditions? I'd really like to know so leave a comment if you like.

Some pictures from my birthday celebration last year.
 For my layout I used The Orient Express by Nini's Notion.

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