Saturday, July 5, 2008

Carpet Woes

I'm so anxious to move into our new house. Some days it seems like everything is coming along very well. Other days, not so much.

Of course, I guess that is the way that it always is. We ordered our carpet at the end of April. It came into the warehouse at the end of May. They were finally able to schedule us for installation at the end of June. Well, then it had to be rescheduled because another customer's carpet had been mismeasured. So I happily allowed Home Depot to give us a 10% refund for having to reschedule.

Then Monday, they came to put the carpet down, only to figure out that we'd have to use liquid nails because our house sits on a slab. So the guy puts down the tack strip with the liquid nails. Says he will be back on Tuesday to finish the installation. On Tuesday the liquid nails are fully set (it was extremely humid). We reschedule for Thursday. No big deal, it will still be done before the long weekend so we can start moving our furniture in, right? Wrong!!

On Thursday he comes. Lays out all of the padding. Cuts the piece that is going into the master bedroom. Then goes to roll out the carpet in the living room. And it is six inches short!! So, I'm given the choice, either let him lay the carpet with a seam in it or wait for another piece of carpet to be reordered for the right size. Well, I'm a perfectionist and we did pay extra so that our carpet would be seamless. So now, we have to wait until who knows when for a new piece of carpet to come in.

I'll be calling Home Depot on Monday and they will be giving me an additional refund for the hassle that we've been through. At this point it is keeping us from moving into our house. And, we will also be keeping the miscut piece of carpet. It will fit very nicely into Paul's bedroom.

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