Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Fun Family Weekend

Well, we had a pretty good time this weekend. On Friday we simply went out to eat as a family. This was nice because it was something that we really haven't been able to do lately.

Then on Saturday we went to a friend's house that we've known for years, but we don't get to visit with nearly often enough. This wonderful family was all in our wedding eight years ago, Mom was a bridesmaid, Dad was a groomsman and son was our ringbearer. It was actually quite amazing to see them again because their son has just finished sixth grade and it turning into quite a handsome young man (I'll have to remember the camera for the next time we go up there). It's hard to believe that his voice is starting to change now when I remember him as a toddler that would stay up all night long dancing to music. Paul absolutely loved it because he doesn't get to spend enough time around boys.

Today I did a little bit of scrapping and fiddling around on the computer before we went to Mom's house so that the kids would be allowed to go swimming. They love going over there because of the pool and their three cousins, but the girls actually didn't get home until we were getting ready to leave. It is okay though because they did get to enjoy some quality time with Nana.

And my product of my weekend's work is this fun layout with pictures that I took of Paul and Tom on his first Mother's Day. Tom really wanted to show us the reason that he believes overalls were invented.

Yes, Paul and I did take some pictures together on his first Mother's Day, but he has always been a Daddy's boy and Daddy couldn't help but show us all the reason that he thought overalls were invented.

For my layout I used That's My Daddy by Cindy Ritter.

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