Sunday, June 24, 2012

This Week

This week has actually been pretty quiet around here. I didn't go and get the kids because their Dad said that they could stay with him and we are actually pretty tight on money so I really couldn't afford to do some of the things with them that I really want to do with them before school starts in the fall.

So, instead, we spent some time keeping the house clean and also going over to Nana's house so that we could go swimming. I've also been dedicating some time to getting rid of things that we really don't need, like our third vehicle (looks like it is headed for the scrap yard, it needs work and I'm not getting any interest on Craig's List). Tom's moped (since he got his VW bug back) and also other various things that we don't need here anymore. I'm determined to get us out of our financial mess one way or the other. It will only be at that time that I will really start to feel better.

Oh yeah, and Father's Day was really a pretty quiet affair around here. We did end up going to the store to get some things that we needed and also bought the kids a new game for the Xbox. And ended our day out with dinner at Logan's to celebrate Dad.

Here are some pictures that I took of Kathryn and Paul with Daddy on Father's Day:

Despite the fact that for the past year it has been difficult for Tom, he is feeling better now and Kathryn and Paul are really getting to experience what it is like to have an awesome Dad.

For my layout I used That's My Daddy by Cindy Ritter.

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