Monday, March 26, 2012

Thinking about those who are no longer with us

Since I was fourteen years old, March has always been a really difficult month for me. The reason for that is that my father passed away on March 2, 1995 after having spent nearly a month in a coma following a massive heart attack.

So, having a heritage type of scrapbook kit to work with this month has been a great form of therapy for me. Not only have I lost my father, I've also lost all of my grandparents, some friends and two children to miscarriage in my life. Thinking about all of these loved ones is something that has a tendency to bring me down.

Though we never lived really close to my grandparents, I was very close to my grandmother, Mary and I feel very lucky that she had the opportunity to meet both of my children (two of her oldest great-grandchildren) in her life. The day that we brought Paul home from the hospital she was able to hold him. It was less than a short week later and she was gone, but she had the opportunity to meet him. My grandfather passed away when I was just twelve years old, so I don't have quite as many vivid memories of him, but I do remember that I certainly did love him.

Some pictures of my maternal grandparents taken over the years.

For my layout I used Memories are Precious by Joyce de Jonge

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